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I am an intentional, reflective, and action-oriented anti-oppressions trainer who works with individuals ready to transform themselves and their community.

Hi! I'm Hadiel (she/her). I'm a second-generation Muslim Arab Iraqi-American. I have been shaped by my many complex identities and the many communities I've been privileged to be a part of.


Growing up on Shoshone & Bannock land (Idaho) instilled my desire for liberating change and gave me the gift of connecting to nature. While living in Senegal and working with a local activist, my passions for advocacy and youth rights were amplified in me. During my time on Abenaki land (Vermont), I had the honor of learning and unlearning from practitioners who radicalized my critical race analysis and demonstrated the application of theory into practice. My acceptance of the status quo was challenged and I was guided to explore radical possibilities. While on Pawtucket & Wamesit land (Massachusetts), I connected to my true self, fully grasping my capacity for creating beauty and transformation as an intentional facilitator and community member.


I have had the great pleasure of facilitating for thousands of individuals and building community with many more. They have all left me a better person than I was before. These experiences and individuals shaped the ways I approach community building, grassroots movements, youth empowerment approaches, and liberating solutions. 


My goal throughout my work is to continue to transform systems, spaces, and mindsets so oppressed individuals can live a life of harmony and authenticity void of harm.

Hadiel Mohamed in black hat and white shirt is leaning towards the camera while smiling. her black hair is down on both sides of her face and she's infront of a brick wall.

I empower businesses, nonprofits, professionals, collectives, and community members to radically change systems, institutions, and mindsets by providing critical race analysis, intentional reflection, and equity-oriented action steps.


  • Anti-Oppression Policy Analysis

  • Anti-Oppression Workshop Design & Facilitation

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Experiential Learning & Facilitation

  • Anti-Recidivism Intervention

  • Community Building

  • Social Justice Education

  • Equity in the Classroom 

  • Organizing & Strategic Advocacy Planning

  • Cross-Cultural Dialogue (international & domestic)

  • Power Analysis & Structural Change

I find joy and healing, outside of anti-oppressions work, through connecting with nature, especially with my dog, Hux!

Hadiel Mohamed in black sweater is smiling towards the camera face on. she is infront of a brown brick wall and her black hair is down on both sides of her face.
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