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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between anti-oppressions trainer and diversity, equity, inclusion trainer?
    I refer to myself as an anti-oppressions trainer because my approach aims to dismantle harms caused by white supremacy culture and create a community-based approach towards intersectional liberation. In my experience I have noticed when we aim for diversity in workplaces, it invites BIPOC into spaces that haven’t grappled with racism. Therefore this is actively bringing BIPOC into a space of harm. Inclusion leads me to question, included in what? When white supremacy is our dominant society then we’re implying that we’re attempting to include individuals into white supremacy culture. But I personally don’t want to be included into white supremacy culture, I want to dismantle it and have a just world for all of us.
  • Do you offer anti-racism trainings?
    I offer anti-racism trainings as a series + collaborative strategic equity consultancy. This allows for more space and time for deeper learning and reflection. I suggest folks host a series of topics that dive into anti-racism as well as further commit to structural changes. I want to ensure folks are committed to the journey, rather than taking a checkbox approach. I do offer related topics such as identity, forms of power, systems analysis, etc. as a replacement to anti-racism training. But for topics specifically diving into anti-racism there will need to be a series of scaffolded workshops and collaborative strategic planning.
  • What if I’m looking for a service, but the prices are too expensive for me?
    My goal with the majority of my services is that employers will cover the cost for these. If needed, I can create proposals for your employer to support their investment. However, if that’s not an option, let’s discuss! I’m in a dynamic where I’m actively trying to advocate for the monetary value of my labor and I want to actively create space that doesn’t reinforce shame around money. So let’s have a conversation and see how we can flow through this together.
  • Do you offer 1:1 coaching that can support me in learning how to show up in the world with a more equitable lens?
    I’ve had many requests for this type of coaching! At the moment I’m still reflecting on what this coaching package would entail to stay true to my intentions. I’ll hopefully have more details to share by May 2022.
  • What workshops have you facilitated?
    All of my workshops are customized and designed based on the group’s learning goals and needs. These are some examples of workshops I’ve created and facilitated: Internalized White Supremacy, Power Structures, Forms of Violence, Systems Analysis, Training of Trainers, Team Dynamics, Conflict Transformation Styles, Mission & Value Statement, Roles & Organizing, School to Prison Pipeline & Interventions, Radical Movement through Arts, Radical Acts through Love, Youth Empowerment, etc. I’ve facilitated workshops for all ages, youth - adults.
  • Do you offer sliding scale pay?
    In replacement of offering sliding scale pay, I’m offering free one-hour customized designed & facilitated workshops to Utah anti-racism organizing collectives. I’m hoping to revisit the sliding scale pay option in 2023.
  • What’s your logo design?!
    My logo is my first name in Arabic calligraphy. In Arabic, my name, Hadiel, means, “cooing doves,” doves signifying peace and harmony. I wanted my logo to encompass both the softness of my name’s meaning and the boldness of having a name that asks so much from society. There were very intentional visionary discussions throughout the process that explored the meaning and representation of each line within the final design (shukran, Marisa!). The logo was designed by Palestinian artist, Yehia Moldan, whom you can follow and support on IG @yehiamoldan
  • What happens during Equity Practitioner Coaching sessions?
    When I was in racial justice roles in previous workspaces/institutions, I needed a safe space to brainstorm with other providers to get tips, new ideas, and tools when facing barriers. Now, I want to offer that space I wish I had to others. During our sessions, I’ll work with you to brainstorm solutions, provide relevant resources, and incorporate applicable tools. This is a very co-created space as you’re the best expert in your environment. I’m merely a sounding board to help support you. The price point for this service is based on workplaces payment. If your workplace/institution won't pay, then we can discuss a personal payment discount.
  • What do you offer through Resource Curation?
    This support can really be just about anything you need! I’ve helped folks with: curriculum outlines/resources, social justice learning and content resources, diverse book lists by grade levels, podcasts/documentaries/books/articles, scholars by subject, equity audits, etc. I want to ensure the resources are utilized, so I deliver the information in a way that’s accessible and feasible.
  • What if I don’t see the services I’m looking for on your page?
    Reach out to me through Connect and we can have a free 20-minute consultation to see if this is something we can work out. If not, I’ll try to connect you to another practitioner.
  • How will I know if we’re a good match?
    All my services come with a free 20-minute consultation. During this time we can learn more about each other and your goals. If we’re not a good match, there’s no obligation for either of us to go forward and I’ll do my best to find you another equity practitioner who can meet your needs.
  • Where do you offer your services?
    All over the US! And the world. I have the most experience working within the US context, but if I can support international clients, I’m very open to doing so. Due to covid, all my services are virtual only at the moment.
  • What’s involved in the Strategic Equity Consultancy?
    The main focus for Strategic Equity Consultancy is organizational transformation. This is about learning and applying anti-oppressive practices within the policy, culture, and structure of the institution. Some practices include: equity audits, HR policy review, anti-racism training series, leadership coaching, and more.
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