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Actionable transformation towards equity.

I offer a variety of customizable services based on an intricate understanding of institutional and personal anti-racism goals.

Equity Coaching

Support building strategic plans, explore strategic tools, troubleshoot challenges, and connect concept to practice. 

This option is great if you...

  • are an equity practitioner, diversity officer, diversity committee

  • need support with your current equity work

  • need to brainstorm & problem solve strategic plans

  • need achievable first steps while navigating complex issues


as needed

Equity Coaching

Equity in Education: Resource Curation

Generate resources based upon your learning preference and area of need, focus on personal and professional development.

This option is great if you...

  • are a teacher, youth worker, or educator

  • need diverse reading lists

  • need diverse curriculum resources 

  • need to find strategies to diversify your learning space, classroom, curriculum, or professional development

range $50 - $200

as needed

Resource Curation

Training & Facilitation

Design and facilitate customized workshops, dialogues, and trainings incorporating  interactive activities and community building practices.

This option is great if you...
  • are a business, nonprofit, institution, collective, grassroots organizer, community group, or other entity.

  • are seeking interactive workshops exploring: organizational development, strategic designs, dialogues, team-building, conflict transformation, skill-building, or creative solutions.

Not taking on new clients for Training & Facilitation at this time


Strategic Equity Consultancy

Analyze equity policy and practices within the entire workplace structure, conduct equity assessments, trainings, and interventions based on evaluation.

This option is great if you...

  • are a business, nonprofit, institution, collective, community group, or other entity. 

  • are ready to commit to impactful equitable practices, interventions

  • need to develop your equity mindset and systems analysis

  • need comprehensive anti-racism trainings* 

  • need equitable practices and interventions

  • need to enhance personal and professional development

*these are only offered as a series of workshops and require collaborative strategic plan creation

Not taking on new clients for Strategic Equity Consulting at this time

Strategic Consultancy
Utah Collective

In replacement of offering a sliding scale, I am offering free one-hour facilitation workshops on select topics for Utah anti-racism grassroots organizers every month. If this is of interest to you, please fill out the Utah Anti-Racism Collective form.

With all my services, I offer a free 20 minute consult to ensure we're a good match.

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